August 25th 2014

P-Tree published in new book; POP-UP CITY from BIS Publishers.

July 8th 2014

Again this year were the P-Trees a success at the Roskilde Festival 2014
in Denmark!

June 23th 2014

P-TREES at BEST KEPT SECRET Festival 2014!

For the first time the P-TREE is introduced on a large scale at a Dutch
festival / BEST KEPT SECRET 2014

It was a great success, because of the P-Tree the festivals problem with
public peeing was significant reduced. We will soon share the photos.

translated from

Already the most discussed topic of Best Kept Secret 2014: The P-Tree.
Last year was the urine still a hot topic this year, the organization has
found an ingenious solution with urinals that various trees are hung.

photo credits: AANDEBOOM

June 20th 2014

P-Trees at Best Kept Secret Festival 2014!
Join the photo contest and win a P-Tree yourself!

click here

November 28 2013

We started an inspiring collaboration with a very interesting group of
people for an New gallery in New York. We are working on a new object
design, The result will be surprising and fast!!!

Opening Autumn 2014 NYC
More Info: Will follow soon…

August 24 2013
There are several DIY treehouses on the upcoming
Mysteryland festival. they will give shelter to the lucky visitors!

via: Mothersof Art

July 2013
Roskilde 2013 was amazing! The installed
P-Trees were used well again!

Today a DIY-treehouse delivered for a very special project.
More information will follow soon!

May2013 P-Tree for sale at 'all 'de Bijenkorf' Flagshipstores.
Rotterdam / Den Haag & Amsterdam

From April 10th till April 17th AANDEBOOM products for sale at Fab

More info:

March 2013 DIY Treehouse for sale at 'de Bijenkorf

In all 3 Bijenkorf flagship stores in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and the Hague
treehouses are presented during 'the 'Maffe marathon'

Meer info: De Bijenkorf

December 2012 Roskilde Festival 2013

AANDEBOOM is back from a small trip to Roskilde (Denmark). We are
working on a new project for the upcoming festival in 2013!

Oktober 2012 Treebench in GOING PUBLIC / Gestalten

More info:

september 21, 22, 23th 2012 The DIY Treehouse at IDA2012 /
Inside Design Amsterdam 2012

september 6th 2012 The P-Tree in a Korean magazine; Wood Planet
(issue september 2012)

August 24th 2012 P-TREE on Roskilde festival 2012. New P-TREE movie online!

P-TREE at Roskilde Festival from AANDEBOOM on Vimeo.

Roskilde Festival was amazing. In the latest edition 100 P-TREES were used and they were
a great success! The P-TREES were placed on several different locations around the main
stage. Again by using the P-TREE, the festivals problem with public peeing was significant

july 5-8 2012 P-TREE on Roskilde festival 2012 (preview).

April 26th 2012 The DIY treehouse will also be part of the Grand Summer
Exhibition 'Dutch Design - Huis van Oranje' In the summer of 2012,

Oranienbaum Palace
2012 Grand Summer Exhibition
april 26th 2012 till september 30th 2012

January 18th 2012 Presenting Aandeboom products at the: PechaKucha
Night Amsterdam #20 at Trouw.

December 2011 P-TREE for Africa
P-tree involved in project in Zanzibar Africa to eliminate schistosomiasis
on the islands of Unguja and Pemba. In collaboration with The University
of Georgia, USA.

More comming soon!

November 2011 P-TREE in Straatbeeld

November 16th & 17th 2011 The P-TREE at FESTIVAK, the leading platform
for the industry of public events.

Amsterdam RAI
Europaplein 22 / 1078 GZ
Amsterdam the Netherlands

November 29th 2011 The DIY Treehouse for sale at
the NEW 'depARTmentSTORE' at the CBK Utrecht.

October 29th 2011 AANDEBOOM Facebook online now!

October 17th 2011 P-TREE on show in Poland from November 4th
till december 4th 2011

Zamek Cieszyn
Wzornictwo / Design
ul Zamkowa 3 abc
43-400 Cieszyn

October 17th 2011 The DIY Treehouse in store now!

From now it's also possible to order your Treehouse via; MAGAZIN, the finest outdoor
design store in Germany. take a visit.

For the Netherlands or other country’s check out the AANDEBOOM web-shop

October 12th / 13th 2011 Visit AANDEBOOM at ‘De Dag van de Openbare Ruimte’
( Day of the Public Space 2011 )

Expo Houten
Meidoornkade 24
3992 AE Houten

September 15th 2011 The P-Tree on Discovery Channal Canada

“Weird Planet – September 15”.

August 17th 2011


September 6th 2011 Presentation & interview

What’s Up? / SHOW&TALK in Pakhuis De Zwijger
Sept 6th, hour: 20:00
Piet Heinkade 179
1019 HC Amsterdam

5 July 2011

P-TREE at Roskilde festival / Denmark 2011!!!

Roskilde festival 2011 in Denmark was amazing! a lot of great music and people.The
P-trees were a success on the festival terrain. Roskilde festival has more than 100.000
visitors and a lot of them used one of more of the 50 special Roskilde orange pieces.
The P-TREES were placed on 2 different spots near the main stage. In previous years
the Roskilde festival had a lot of problems with peeing in the wild. because of the
P-TREE the problem is significant reduced.

17 June 2011

My Green City / Back to Nature with Attitude and Style

Editors: R. Klanten, S. Ehmann, K. Bolhöfer
Release Date: February 2011
ISBN: 978-3-89955-334-5

17 June 2011


Soon more information about sales within Europe ( If you want to order The DIY Treehouse right away, send us an e-mail )

30 June 2011
The P-TREE is going to Roskilde ( Denmark )

The P-TREE will be used in large numbers at the Roskilde festival in Denmark from 30 juni t/m 3 juli 2011

14 June 2011

The first pieces are being rotation molded. Soon more information about sales! ( If you want to order the P-TREE right away, send us an e-mail )

28 Mei 2011

Live interview AANDEBOOM during the 'Make A Forest' project.

Make a Forest is a global, collaborative art and design project that brings sustainable awareness and creativity together in a way never seen before.

More information:

20 April 2011
Presenting the TREE-BENCH ( Boombank ) at the KaDe, Amersfoort

march 2011
Presenting the P-Tree at the Piss Off ( 'Roskilde' ) conference in Copenhagen, Denmark

30 march2011
Expositie Beelden van Banken. Presentatie van de Boombank in "Kunsthal KADE" Amersfoort.
van 2 april t/m 8 mei

Kunsthal KAdE
Smallepad 3
3811 MG Amersfoort


28 august 2010
P-Tree op Mysteryland 2010


7 april 2010
Volkskrant (bijlage Wonen)


27 maart t/m 15 augustus 2010
Expositie Hilversums Museum "Een Mooi Ding"
met de Zelfbouwbomhut en de P-Tree.


16 oktober 2009
Algemeen Dagblad


14 oktober 2009

Aandeboom heeft de 1e prijs gewonnen met de Zelfbouwboomhut
tijdens de BNO "Utregse Diezijnprijs 2009"